Whoever said the digital revolution was expensive?

How to monitor the other 95% of your equipment at 1/10 the price without sacrificing any of the reliability

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is redefining how we approach the continuous monitoring of mechanical assets, and it’s now easier and more useful than ever.

The new Spotlight Monitoring System is an automated, real-time analyzer that leverages IIoT principles to deliver insights into the health and performance of critical essential equipment.

Typically, only 5% of industrial machinery is monitored for performance. If you thought continuous predictive monitoring and analytics for “the other 95%” of your devices would be cumbersome and time consuming – or too expensive – Spotlight just put those fears to rest. This truly changes the rules of the game.

Windrock Spotlight: Affordable Innovation, Fast!

Dramatically Lower Price Point: Spotlight crashes the price of entry, allowing more pieces of equipment to be monitored full-time. Spotlight technology is up to 1/10 the price of comparable systems.

Fast Installation Saves Time, Money: Spotlight can be up and running in as little as half a day!

  • No need to hire electricians or other contractors
  • No costly conduit runs or trenching
  • No plans required for permitting
  • Minimal, if any, equipment modification
  • No existing IT network infrastructure required
  • Wireless connection from Controller to Gateway
What's In It For Me?

Integrates with Windrock Enterprise: The Spotlight Monitoring System can gather data, provide alerts, alarms and operational information on critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a 24/7 basis. The important actionable insights available to operators are delivered via user-friendly dashboards and reports from Windrock’s robust Enterprise software, a secure* cloud-based IIoT platform that enables on-demand visibility to your entire fleet of assets.

* Microsoft® Azure, an open, flexible enterprise-grade cloud-computing service

Learn about Windrock Enterprise

More Reasons to Use Spotlight:

Control and Compatibility

  • Compatible with Windrock MD™ analytical software, the industry standard for more than 25 years
  • Turnkey integration with Windrock Enterprise platform for easy operational analysis
  • Integrates with other control networks and historians
  • Compatible with all data from other Windrock platforms such as Windrock Platinum and 6400 Portable Analyzers
  • Creates a seamless transition between old and new technology

Improved IT Security

  • Uses cellular (LTE) communications technology
  • Transmits data directly to the cloud with no need to access network gateways
  • Utilizes the Microsoft® Azure Cloud security platform to protect sensitive information

Workforce Optimization

  • Collect and analyze more data, FASTER compared to current limited resources
  • Mitigates analyst attrition by expanding data collection footprint across more assets

The ultimate benefit of the Spotlight Monitoring System is that it cost-effectively collects and analyzes performance data from assets in the field and transfers it to the palm of your hand in real time. Simply put, no other product available today can provide the measurable advantages that are personified by Windrock’s new Spotlight Monitoring System.

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